Upon first reaching Dr. Tamakoshi's fieldwork experience, you will notice that there are four compasses aligned vertically to the left of the screen. These four "groups" as I shall call them are your navigation tool throughout the remainder of your stay. Each compass, when clicked, will reveal the contents of that "group." Though you may navigate through this project at your leisure and in any order you wish, the project is set up to be navigated from top to bottom: (i.e. top to bottom in each compass, top compass through the bottom compass). These menus will remain at the left of your screen the entire time.

These menus here shown to
the left are what is revealed
when the individual compasses
are clicked. They present you
with the many choices found within. If at any time you need to access the main compass "groupings," click on the Main Menu. If you know which "group" you need to go, you may go there directly by clicking on the appropriate number (Planning=1 / Method=2 / Writing=3 / Reference=4) and you can avoid having to go back to the main menu. If at any time you forget which group you are in, the bottom of the menu will remind you (Current=Method, etc.).

Navigation through the main window is very easy. Scrolling down the page reveals the vast resources that Dr. Tamakoshi has gathered in her trips to New Guinea. Throughout the text, you will notice that certain words are highlighted. These are vocabulary words. Clicking on them will reveal their definitions in the bottom window. In a few cases, you are able to access sound files or movies. This can be achieved by simply pressing play.

Finally, there is the sub-menu, accessed through clicking the "Open" button. Having already done this to reach the instructions, there is no need to further elaborate, but allow me to add a few things here. Clicking the map file brings up an entire map of the project. From this page, you can simply get your bearings of where you have been and where you need to go, or it can be a jumping off place since you can go directly to each section simply by clicking on its name in the bulleted lists. I won't highlight the credits (but they are there if you so choose). In closing, if you have any comments you may e-mail the professor by clicking on the E-mail folder, farthest to the right in the sub-menu.

Oh, one last thing, if any of the graphics load weird, one thing I found to work is to simply grab the corner and resize your window just a tiny bit. Or (in the case of the bottom files, just hit the open button again. Here's to a seamless tour through New Guinea, and please if you have any questions, comments, or problems feel free to contact us.

Copyright 1996 by Laura Tamakoshi and Brian Cross